Android Apps Development

Android Phones make up more than three fourths of all smartphones on the planet. There are more mobile phones running Android OS than there are humans breathing. There have been over 48 billion android app downloads.

Great Design

Designing a great user experience requires the designer to consider the latest trends in design while staying true to the fundamentals of design like the Golden Ratio, design theory, rule of thirds etc. These are the pillars of great design and have dictated the success or failure of design for millenia. We design apps and experiences that enchant the users and make them feel at home. Design is supposed to be user friendly and should leave the user at ease. The whole point of using a computer application and using it on a phone is to do it with ease. Our design leaves the heavy-lifting to the app.

Strong Foundation

We are experts in Android Software Development, OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, NFC integration and geo-fencing, Android Security Architecture and other technologies used to build an innovative, world-class Android app. We give a strong foundation to all our apps and make sure they are scalable and work well with all of the third-party APIs. Our team stays up to date to all the new and upcoming technologies and make sure they are able to develop for any new additions that are to be made to the android family. Whether you want solutions for android wear, TV or auto, we have got the skills and expertise to build those solutions for you.

Perfect Application

The Android Applications market is ridiculously popular with web developers and there are way too much apps out there, many with poor quality. This is because the android market doesn't have the ability to check each app for quality. If you want to make a great app, you need to place emphasis on quality. Extensive checks need to be placed on Design, Working and Compatibility. Our android apps go through all these quality checks, and more. We make sure everything from UI & UX to backend development is up to the latest standards. With over 18,000 different types of android devices in the market, we have to make sure our apps run on each and every one of these devices without crashing or glitches. Our smart QA procedures allow us to check for cross-device compatibility without having to manually check it on all devices.

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