ERP Solutions Development

We at ThemoGraphics have a talented team of Software Engineers dedicated to developing Enterprise solutions for small and medium business enterprises. We develop bespoke ERP solutions for enterprises like Travel Agencies, Hospitals and Universities. Our solutions include HR and accounts management as well as performance tracking. Our easy to use software eliminates the need to do small tasks manually and leaves more time for more important tasks.

Custom Development

We at ThemoGraphics develop our software custom and make everything according to your needs. Exept some very basic functions that are essential to any corporation, we build everything the way you want it. We can scale the software up or down according to the size of solution you want of course. For instance, a hospital may want to keep patient records in a detailed form and also want follow up reports but an electronics company wouldn't be interested in that feature; they might want to track the performance of their staff.


Security is very important in an ERP software. You would not want the employee or customer data leaked out. Negligence in security matters has landed many corporations into embarrassing scandals damaging their reputation. We understand the importance of security and have security specialists developing the security side of our software. We draw clear lines on levels of access to each staff member and make sure important data stays in its place. We follow the latest security protocols to make the software secure and roll out updates continually to ensure that security stays beefed up.


Once we have transferred the software to you, we don't just walk away. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week to provide you support with any issues you may encounter and fix them. We'll always be happy to upgrade your software if your needs increase or you want to scale your software as your corporation has scaled up.

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