iOS App Development

iPhones make over 41 percent of total smartphones in the world. This is pretty impressive given that it is rivalled by over 18,000 different devices running Android, Windows of Blackberry OS. There are many explanations for this, device fragmentation in Android, lack of apps for windows phones and nobody knows why people still use Blackberry. iPhone apps make a significant proportion of total mobile apps in the world. Generally speaking, every new app is first released on Apple store and only if successful there, companies roll out their Android apps. Instagram is one example that made android users feel like second class citizens. We have a team of iOS developers who make super-fast and beautiful apps. They have been developing apps for every version of iOS and always make the best use of new iOS updates and hardware upgradations in the new iPhones & iPads.

Intuitive Design

Apple's phones have always been a delight to use. The simple user interface has remained unchanged for a long time and this is because it is in its best form. 'Improving' it would mean downgrading it. With such high standards in design, apple's users expect only the best. Intuitive design in the apps is very important. All the functions should be instantly obvious the moment you look at the app, using it should not feel like a chore. Designing a good iOS app requires staying on top of latest trends in design for the OS as well as a creative team capable of setting these trends. We are trendsetters in all kinds of design. Our design team designs beautiful sleek apps that make the user fall so much in love with them it almost feels bad to close the app.

Seamless Hardware & Software Integration

Apple's visionary hardware design goes where no one dares to go. Introducing incremental changes to their hardware, they are slowly leading the charge on technological innovation. iOS developers also build on this, making better apps with newer features giving a royally impressive experience to iPhone users. Our team is always on top of technological trends and love new challenges. Our apps integrate and harness the power of new hardware in the apple devices. Our apps for apple watch seamlessly integrate your phone with it.

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