Responsive Design

Responsive design means building websites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices and screens. Your website will work flawlessly whether the user is accessing it on a Smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. Responsive design is important. The number of Google searches on Mobile has surpassed the searches made on PCs. This statistic signals toward a future where people don’t have time to sit down, turn on their PC and search for a service when they can do the same on their Smartphone in less than a minute. This means if your website doesn’t look very good on a mobile phone screen, you lose visitors.

SEO Friendly

Responsive web design is a pre-requisite for better SEO rankings. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile and tablet, Google doesn’t want to risk its reputation with their users by putting you on top of other websites. With more people on mobile every day, it only makes sense to pay attention to responsive design. At ThemoGrapics, we know how to optimize content for search engines. Our experts are aware of the elements that are vital for good SEO. We enhance those elements in our responsive design so we get a better search ranking. This allows us to make the website usable by the smaller screen users as well as better optimized for search engines. This is the difference that you get when working with ThemoGraphics.

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