Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing rank websites based on certain elements. The more a website scores in these elements, the better its rank. The search engines do this because they want to give their users only the best and most relevant websites first and get a reputation for a good search engine. Another way to rank websites is based on the number of backlinks leading to your website. If more people are referencing your work, this means you are doing something that is noticeable and deserved to be at the top of google search results. We provide Search engine optimization services to make your website appear higher in rankings and getting you better business. Our strategy gets you tangible results and you can measure your success.

Get Noticed

You may have a very good product or be very good at serving your customers but unless the world sees how good you are, your efforts are useless. We stay at the top of all the changes in algorithms that search engines make so we can manipulate them to get you to the top and get you noticed. We keep a constant eye on important words that get more visitors and what the people search for the most.

Longer Visits

Prolonging the user's stay at your website is one of the core deliverables of good SEO. People would close your website within the first five seconds if your website doesn't impress them or has poor layout or usability. To make the user stay at your website for longer, you need to pay attention to the smallest of details, you need to condition your content, your look and feel and the overall hierarchy of your website and make it usable for the user. The more at home the user feels using your website, the longer they are going to stay here.

Higher Sales

The bottom line of any marketing strategy is higher sales. If you don't get more sales, your strategy isn't working. ThemoGraphics devises strategies that convert your visitors into customers. We continue to try new ways to get better conversion rates. We have high performance standards and never take the back seat when it comes to driving conversions.

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