Web Apps Development

Web applications are different than Websites. A Web application is a purpose built application and has specific functions to implement. Virtually every kind of application that you can use on a PC, we can make it into a web application to run through your browser. Text editing, image processing and book keeping are some of the simple functions a web app can do. Some of the well known web apps are DropBox, Tumblr, Google Earth and Television streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu.


Our team has extensive experience in Web applications development and support. Using the latest technologies, we make web apps that are robust and are optimized to work uninterrupted even under high load conditions. Our team has been developing quality web apps for clients with all kinds of needs. Our processes are fine tuned to give you the smartest solutions for powerful web apps. Our quality assurance department is increasingly competitive and ensures that every next app we make is more efficient than the last and is smarter than the previous.

Device Independent

Device independence is imporant whether you are building a simple web site or a powerful web app. Mobile phones make up more than half the internet and it only makes sense to make your web app accessible to mobile screens so more people use it. We understand the importance and benefits of device independence and make sure all our apps run on every type of device out there.  Our procedures are systematic and always lead to the best and the most optimal results.

Extensively Secure

Security is a primary concern when it comes to developing web apps. Popular web apps receive thousands of security attacks everyday and repel each and every one of them because of their security protocols in place. Security breach of any scale can turn into a PR disaster any time as we have seen. This calls for constant upgradation in the security infrastructure and dedicated efforts to beef up security every day. ThemoGraphics takes the security of our clients and our products very seriously and never compromises on this front. Our security practices are always up to date and our team of security experts regularly roll out updates to our clients so their security protocols remain up to date and the important data of their users remain secure.

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