Website Design

Anyone can setup a website. We make websites that get you results. We don’t just create fancy brochures for your organization; our websites are elegant works of art that also make you a lot of money.

Every element of the design is crafted to engage your customers. Our design gets your message across in the most optimized way possible. We analyze terabytes of data on how each word determines whether a user is converted into a customer and tailor the design and content of your website according to that analysis to make sure you get the maximum customers.

Thoughtful Design

Beauty is only skin deep. Good design is based on comprehensive research and market knowledge. Design elements are created based on a strong hierarchy. Important things are highlighted, less important things are left for the user to chase. Based on the analysis of terabytes of data, we choose only the most important elements to enhance to get the best results. Our design is optimized to make the most impact on the user and target the areas that make your users stay longer on the website and buy more.

Interactive Web Design

Interactive design is good design. Simple interactions, inputs from the user can make anything interesting. Make the user feel more in control and watch them stick around for longer periods. This is our philosophy. We put small, quirky bytes of interactive content on the website that keep the user hooked. Through thoughtful strategic designing, we give the user what they might like and how they might like it in a website. Extensive research goes into designing interactive elements of a website otherwise they would just be fancy widgets scattered around which can also be annoying for a lot of users. This is the ThemoGraphics difference. All of our departments work together to build the most strategically efficient product.

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